3 Amazing Tricks To Make Your Small Eyes Looking Bigger

Our eyes make our face beautiful, if you made makeup on your face and leave your eyes, your face will not look good, everyone wants to have big eyes, but it is not on hand, so if you have small eyes, then need to worry, your small eyes eyebrows, eyelashes and working on it, we make illusion, effect that will make eyes bigger, we need to use some makeup tricks to all body parts, here is a list of tricks.

  1. The Correct Form Of The Eyebrows
    Eyebrows play an important role to make your eyes beautiful and also creates the illusion effect of large eyes, so the first thing you need to give the right shape to the eyebrows, for this you need to get a thin line of eyebrows, but if you want a thick eyebrow then you have to make a decent gap between the eyes and the lower line of eyebrows, If your eyebrow growth is not correct then you have to apply eyebrow pencil.
  1. Curl Your Eyelashes.
    Every woman has eyelashes curl up tool with them, if you have small eyes and want to make it bigger then you need to work on eyelashes also, if our eyelashes are straight then it is good if you have big eyes so for small eyes, you need to put curl up tool for eyelashes and then you need to curl up eyelashes, now take mascara and apply it on eyelashes and make it big to make your eyes bigger.
  1. Remove Dark Circles
    Dark circles are the main problem of women, some time dark circles make your eyes smaller, so you need to rest properly, use dark circles by removing the face mask, but if you want to prepare immediately, then you need to apply a good Foundation to the dark circle and hide them completely, you also need to apply two to three layers of Foundation, then you need to mix it with the brush.

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