3 Best Ways To Care For Your Eyes With Yoga

The eyes are one of the most important organs of our body and we need to take care of them regularly to ensure good vision and healthy eyes. Life without eyes is unimaginable for all of us. And, spending a little time every day to take care of your eyes using yoga techniques can help you to have a good eye health. So, are you wondering how yoga can help you properly take care of your eyes to have healthy eyes? Take a break from anxiety by reading some of the most effective yoga techniques for clear vision and healthy eyes.

Find Below The Top Eight Ways To Care For Your Eyes With Yoga:

  1. Blinking
    Flashing is one of the easiest but effective yoga techniques to refresh your eyes. Sit straight and keep both eyes open. Now start blinking fast. Blink continuously at least 10 times. Now close your eyes, relax and focus on breathing for twenty seconds. Make sure you do this exercise 5 times a day.
  1. Palming
    Palming is a simple yoga exercise for the eyes to relax the eye muscles and soothe the eyes. You should start with sitting with your eyes closed. Take a deep breath, lose both hands against each other so they become worms, and place your frayed palms on your eyelids. You will feel the heat transfer from your warm palms to your tense eyes. Your eyes relax. Wait until the heat from the fully absorbed eyes. Finally, keeping your eyes closed, remove your hands from your eyes. Repeat palming three times in one sitting.
  1. Focusing On The Tip Of The Nose
    A close look at the tip of your nose for some time helps to improve your vision. All you have to do is sit up straight, raise your right hand with a clenched fist in front of your nose so that your thumb points up with the tip of your thumb at eye level. Now focus on the tip of your thumb. As you slow down, bend your hands and focus on the tip of your thumb, bring the tip of your thumb to the tip of your nose. Hold your gaze on the tip of your nose for a few seconds. Later, straighten your hands while holding your gaze on the tip of your thumb. Do this exercise five times a day.

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